One of the best Lisp Tutorials around

This is one of the best Lisp tutorials around.

Thanks to Peter Siebel for such a gem. If you like it even half as much as I did, buy a dead tree copy!

Why Wolfram (Mathematica) did not use Lisp

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Symbolics products price list (August 2007)

(Price list obtained from on 8/15/07)

Thank you for your request for information about Symbolics and our products. Our Open Genera software for HP/Compaq/DEC Alpha workstations running Tru64 Unix costs $5,000 for a single CPU license. There is an academic discount for students and teachers that brings the price down to $999. You should have a 300 mHz or greater Alpha workstation with at least 500 MB RAM, 4 MB cache and 1 GB of available disk space. Besides selling Open Genera and maintaining the installed base of Symbolics machines, we

Zmacs vs Emacs (with manual)


"It's kind of hard to appreciate the differences [between Zmacs and Emacs) from reading a description. It's even hard to appreciate it from using Zmacs. Where the light dawns is when you've been using Zmacs for a while and go back to using plain old Emacs.

A programmer's advice on learning lisp

(Source and copyright: "Learning lisp" - The old Joel on Software Forum)

Learning Lisp Fast - Part 3

(Source and copyright: Sean Luke - George Mason University,

Learning Lisp Fast - Part 2

(Source and copyright: Sean Luke - George Mason University,

Learning Lisp Fast - Part 1

(Source and copyright: Sean Luke - George Mason University,

The Road To Lisp

Developing Lisp code on a free software platform is no mean feat, and documentation, though available, is dispersed and often too concise for users new to Lisp. In the second part of an accessible guide to this flexible language, self-confessed Lisp newbie Martin Howse assesses practical issues and implementations under GNU/Linux.

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